Lotus Notes for Outlook users

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008
A reader of this blog asked me if I was aware of a guide to help users coming an Outlook environment learn about Notes.

I was not, so I reached out to my friend and Notes buddy, Alan Lepofsky at IBM. Alan quickly forwarded these two links:

For admins:
How to set up IBM Lotus Notes V8 for Microsoft Outlook users

For admins to support users:
developerWorks: Migration station : Lotus track

If you are aware of any other resources, I would appreciate it if you would post these as comments.


I'm pleased to announce that IdeaJam is now in public release.


What's IdeaJam?

IdeaJam is an impressive Domino web-based application that allows users to propose and vote on ideas. Currently, IdeaJam is being used to collect suggestions and feedback from Notes users all over the world for Notes/Domino software. Users get to post comments and rank proposed features until key ideas emerge from the list. I hope IBM is watching the IdeaJam team and the results of their site. It's a brilliant concept and one that will certainly help enhance the Notes/Domino product line and create even more passionate users.

I think that IdeaJam is not only a powerful tool for sharing and community, it's also one of the classiest web apps I've seen. What's more, the back-end, is equally sleek. Nice work on the part of the design team; they did not allow themselves to be constrained by conventional thinking for a Domino/Notes web app. It's simply beautiful.

I plan to deploy IdeaJam for eProductivity to allow enthusiastic eProductivity users to connect, share, and vote on features they would like to see.

Congratulations to Bruce Elgort and the IdeaJam team!  I wish you all the best of success!