After registering, we decided to head downstairs to catch a glimpse of the Lotusphere 2009 Product Showcase. There's still a lot of work to do...

Lotusphere Conference Hall

And, very exciting, here it is: the eProductivity Pedestal #722!

Visit eProductivity at Pedestal #722 in the 2009 Product Showcase

We'll come back tomorrow to set up the booth.  

Now, on to the BALD event.

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Maurice del Prado (): 01/18/2009 15:57:57
A sneak peek at the Lotusphere Product Showcase


I just checked the long-quiet and plain-faced eProductivity website and -- wow! -- it's gone LIVE! Congratulation! I am sure you and your team are very excited and I am glad to have been part of the beta.

I saw the pricing for the product and the special Lotusphere special which is very generous.

I wish you the best tomorrow, along with David Allen, in your big presentation. I've listened to a few podcasts in the recent days where you and/or David are touting the power of Notes and your new product, eProductivity for Notes ... Exciting times!

God bless, Maurice

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