A few weeks ago, David Allen shared with me that he had been invited to introduce the Windsor Lotusphere Comes to You event, hosted by CastleBreck Inc., a Canadian Lotus Business partner. I encouraged him to accept the invitation. Last week, David greeted the Lotusphere Comes To You 2009 Windsor audience:


David makes the case for why tools like Lotus Notes are key to his personal and organizational productivity:
"You know, in order to get things done, we all need to collaborate, with ourselves as well as with others, so it's important to have great tools that help us manage our commitments and focus as well as supporting each other with communications, information, and our ability to stay consistent and current in our organizational focus. Lotus Notes really fills that bill."


David then goes on to share his experience using Notes and why he thinks its cool:
"I've been a Lotus Notes user and advocate for more than 15 years; my small company works in a highly lean and streamlined way and we just couldn't do that without the dozens of active shared Notes databases that help us run the business. Lotus Notes is also the key application I use for my own personal productivity. That's one of the coolest things, I've experienced as a business owner and Lotus Notes user, the huge power under the hood to customize and integrate it with critical best-practices."

It's refreshing for me to see business partners making the connection between Lotus Notes and Productivity and I love it when happy and productive Notes users share their experience about what works for them. (David isn't a paid spokesperson for IBM; just a happy Notes user.).

Listen to a recording of David's LCTY greeting

Aside from having one of my favorite business titles: "The Knights of Collaboration," it looks like CastleBreck is doing things right and from what I hear, this week's LCTY was a success.

To the Knights of Collaboration, I say, "Well Done!"

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