Hat tip to IBM Business Partner Mayflower Software for being creative in communicating their passion for excellent customer support.

The Lotus ISV community is a small one but has a large reputation. It's great to see folks doing stuff like this.

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Frank Paolino (http://blog.maysoft.org/): 03/23/2010 10:10:09
Mayflower is fanatical about Customer Support

Thanks for the posting. You should see some of the earlier efforts at making this video! They were funny mostly because they were so boring. I was playing with my new video camera, not expecting to use the "hat" feature, did this in one take.

Eric Mack (www.ica.com): 03/23/2010 10:42:57
re: Mayflower is fanatical about Customer Support

Hi Frank. Great video and it did look like you were having a little fun there with the digital hats. That's OK. I enjoyed it and, whats more important, you got the word out about your fanatical service. Well done!

Catalin Acatrinei (): 03/23/2010 12:49:37
Mayflower is fanatical about Customer Support

Super idea ;-) Love the hat thingie!

Great way to present SS to a friend!

Frank Paolino (http://blog.maysoft.org/): 03/25/2010 15:04:55
Mayflower is fanatical about Customer Support

I just did another video about Moose spam ("Improve your Mating Season", "Enlarge Your Antlers". I mention productivity improvements that are achieved with no distracting spam (you should agree with that!).

Tell me what you think?

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