Michael Sampson Skyped me with another of his daily reasons for why I should buy a Mac.

20071127NotesforAppleDownload.jpgApple's apparently listed Lotus Notes as a featured download. The link is not for Notes R8, but this is exciting nonetheless. I've ranted about the lack of visibility of Notes for end-users. This is a step in the right direction. No idea if this is an Apple, IBM, or user initiated activity but it's exciting all the same. I've not tested the link yet but I hope that IBM's provided a reviewer's guide for the Mac. So often the power of Notes is not realized until someone explains or demonstrates how key features and concepts work. Notes is unique in so many ways that much of the power is often missed without a tour. Fortunately, we are seeing many good video tours on YouTube. Perhaps someone will post one for the Mac.

I'm also pleased because it shows that Apple is pushing into the corporate community with its products and I think Lotus Notes is a great platform with which to demonstrate that it's all about the collaboration and that PCs and Macs can play well together. Michael and I have been working cross-Pacific with our eProductivity conference planning Notes database for the eProductivity conference and we love the fact that we can switch between any number of computers and platforms to get things done. We simply reach for the most convenient and appropriate computer for the task. Sometimes that's a PC or tablet and, for Michael, it's often his Mac. Thanks to Notes, it does not matter. Of course, Mac users have more fun - at least that's what Michael tells me.

Yes, it's true. The Eric Mack office staff in Manila ALL use MacsHere in the Philippines, all of the Eric Mack office staff use Macs for their work in organizing, planning and promoting the conference. I have a meeting scheduled to talk about how Notes might be used here to facilitative the process of collaboration.

So, kudos to Apple for linking to Notes for the Mac, and congratulations to IBM that Lotus Notes is a featured download. As for me, increasingly, I'm finding that my favorite programs are becoming available for a Mac. In fact, three of my key productivity tools are now offered for the Mac (Notes/MindManager/PersonalBrain) so things are looking up for the Mack to get a Mac. Perhaps next year.

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