Guest Post by Wendy Mack

Amy and Wendy at age two using their computersRecently in the news, Microsoft has been bragging about how schools are either currently using or switching to Microsoft Outlook.  While that is true for most schools, our school, the Mack Academy has always used Lotus Notes and has made it an integral part of our school productivity toolkit.

Our principal realized the value of technology in the schools and started training us how to use computers at a very young age.  In fact, I was two when my sister Amy and I  were introduced to Lotus Notes and when I received my first email!  
Amy and Wendy in their geek stage using Lotus Notes
In addition to my fifteen years of schooling, we have studied the various tools that my teachers have chosen to help us create our productivity toolkit.  We found that Lotus Notes, as an essential part of that toolkit, crept into every subject.  For example:


Lotus Notes + GTD + eProductivity=SUCCESS!


We learned how to write and communicate effectively through email and blogs.


Lotus Notes....Lotusphere....Florida....DISNEYWORLD! (Need I say more?)

Amy, Wendy, and Eric Mack at the GTD Summit
Through using Lotus Notes, my sisters and I have gained valuable experiences and knowledge that we have already been able to apply while working for my father's software company - eProductivity.  In 2009, Amy and I became GTD exhibitors for eProductivity at the GTD summit and were able to show others how we use Notes to get things done.  We also have used Lotus Notes extensively in creating our own family blog which can be viewed here.


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Wayne MacKirdy (): 01/28/2011 16:05:40
How old were you when you first started using Lotus Notes?


Patrick Picard (): 01/28/2011 19:47:05
How old were you when you first started using Lotus Notes?

As a user, I started using Lotus Notes at 18 when I started working as a call center rep @ a financial company. As a user...i kinda hated notes back then (2003). I found it lame.

I started administering Notes @ around 20 for around 4-5 years. Did develop for 1 year.

Ps.: I never heard of Lotus Notes while in school. I even did MS Exchange Training during my MCSE

As far my age is concerned, I think I am an exception.

Werner Motzet (): 01/28/2011 21:57:50
How old were you when you first started using Lotus Notes?

In the begin of 1997 I started with Notes 4.5 in the age of 40 Years

Doug Finner (): 01/30/2011 2:27:44
How old were you when you first started using Lotus Notes?

I started app dev with version 3.6. I don't recall the exact year but since 4 was released in 1996, I'm going with 1995 so I'd have been right about 40.

On the other hand, my first experience with coding @Function language was with Lotus Symphony, the original, back between 1985 and 1987 and I was around 30 at that time. Since the Notes @Function languages is almost identical to that used in Symphony, maybe 30 is the better answer?

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