I'm pleased to announce that IdeaJam is now in public release.


What's IdeaJam?

IdeaJam is an impressive Domino web-based application that allows users to propose and vote on ideas. Currently, IdeaJam is being used to collect suggestions and feedback from Notes users all over the world for Notes/Domino software. Users get to post comments and rank proposed features until key ideas emerge from the list. I hope IBM is watching the IdeaJam team and the results of their site. It's a brilliant concept and one that will certainly help enhance the Notes/Domino product line and create even more passionate users.

I think that IdeaJam is not only a powerful tool for sharing and community, it's also one of the classiest web apps I've seen. What's more, the back-end, is equally sleek. Nice work on the part of the design team; they did not allow themselves to be constrained by conventional thinking for a Domino/Notes web app. It's simply beautiful.

I plan to deploy IdeaJam for eProductivity to allow enthusiastic eProductivity users to connect, share, and vote on features they would like to see.

Congratulations to Bruce Elgort and the IdeaJam team!  I wish you all the best of success!

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Mark - Productivity501 (http://www.productivity501.com): 04/07/2008 15:50:54
IdeaJam goes live! Congratulations to the team!

That is quite innovative. At first glance it seems like it Domino is a little overkill for this type of site. I wonder how much effort it takes compared to doing it in PHP or something like that. (Granted I'm not super familiar with Domino, but I'm guessing it would be kind of like building something like this on Exchange.)

Bruce Elgort (http://ideajam.net): 04/07/2008 15:59:25
IdeaJam goes live! Congratulations to the team!


Thank you for your comment and kind words about IdeaJam. IdeaJam is primarily targeted at companies who have a Lotus Notes/Domino infrastructure in place. A simple File > Database > New command and companies can have an IdeaJam running inside of their company.

As for doing this in PHP or any other language for that matter is certainly something that can be done. However, companies use Notes/Domino for many reasons which I won't go into here but, IBM Lotus Notes for many companies is what they use for mission critical business applications. Time tested and proven rock solid.

Ben Poole (http://benpoole.com): 04/09/2008 6:07:35
IdeaJam goes live! Congratulations to the team!

@Mark, building something like this on Exchange would be impossible I think -- you're more likely to achieve result with Sharepoint and a bunch of custom web-parts.

The web development aspects of Domino, combined with the back-end database / workflow system are actually pretty well-suited to the kind of application that Idea Jam is. Whilst you wouldn't necessarily invest in a Domino infrastructure to run Idea Jam (but hey, who knows!), as Bruce implies in his comment, for a Domino shop it's an awesome application to bring on-board.

I suspect that you're correct in your assertion that a PHP port would be achievable, should Bruce decide to go down that route :o)

Levent AKSOY (http://www.istanbulsacekimi.net): 12/22/2008 5:20:45
IdeaJam goes live! Congratulations to the team!

I think everybody has "good ideas" for web and life. Bu nobody know how much they are good. So these aplication is very useful to share and get information about your ideas.

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