Is TweetDeck Twittering over the Twop?

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009
I signed up for a Twitter account over a year ago but seldom used it, mostly because I had plenty going on and I was concerned about it becoming a distraction. I began using Twitter seriously as part of a knowledge management course; I wanted to evaluate Twitter from a Personal Knowledge Managment (PKM) framework.

While Twitter is great, I quickly outgrew the Twitter web interface  - too inefficient for me. My first thought was to find or create something in Lotus Notes, perhaps even to add to eProductivity. I decided to see what was out there  first. I decided to try TweetDeck. TweetDeck allows me to more effectively manage and track Tweets. It's also highly addictive - especially when viewed on a 30" cinema display.* I am no longer leaving TweetDeck on my computer, preferring instead to check it just a few times a day. Here's a screen shot of my current system and feeds.

Eric Mack TweetDeck Twitter Feeds, use to support my Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) strategy

I'm still trying to determine what role and place Twitter will have in my own PKM strategy. For now, I commit to use it through the end of the term and I'm collecting my thoughts about the use of Twitter as a tool for Personal Knowledge management.

So I ask, "Is my Twittering over the Twop?" More important, how does Twitter fit into your Personal KM strategy?

*I just learned that the new Apple Mac can support eight 30" cinema displays concurrently. Hmm. Maybe it is time... Unfortunately, I still have a few thousand reasons why I won't be doing that just yet.

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