ManDrowingInBox115.jpgIt's been over a month since I last did a full weekly review. I took a 6 weeks off of work to complete my Master's degree in Information and Knowledge Management and then two additional weeks to spend some time with my family.

During this time, I blogged only occaisionally and I intentionally ignored most emails, doing only an occasional emergency scan of my inbox in order to delegate time-critical items to my team.

Yesterday,  I spent the day with David Allen and his team to discuss exciting developments around eProductivity, mobility, and Notes 8.51.

20090901-EricMackFullInbox4023Emails.jpgToday, I returned to the office to an overflowing inbox - over 4,000 emails and a small stack of paper to process.


At least it's all in one place, ready for me to process.

I guess it's time for me to start eating my own dog food, again.

I wonder if I should nominate myself as the new poster-child for eProductivity?

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