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Sitting in my comfy leather (or leather-like - can't tell) couch at the front of the Lotusphere 2010 opening general session. Mass Ensemble is performing the opening act. Amazing. To my right sits fellow bloggers Alan Lepofsky and Peter Presnel.

Lotus GM Alistair Rennie on stage, "I love the smell of Lotusphere in the morning!"

A major shout out to GBC College (Group Business Software) for hosting 500 college students (Com Sci and Business) to the event. Good to see an initiative from this.

And now... who will the special guest be? I'll know in 20 seconds.

It is.... Kevin Spacey  (Nice Bill Clinton impersonation on social networking,)  Learning the story of Kevin's journey to a film career. Now learning about there first experience with social business for independent film makers. (Triggerstreet.com) In 2002. Fascinating,

Hearing how the movie "The Social Network" came to be.

Kevin asks: "What is your vision for yourself, your company, and the world? When we work together, send the elevator down, good ideas can come from anywhere - some of the best ones are the ones that got chucked over the wall."

Alistair introduces the theme: "Get Social. Do Business." Talking about Social Business Transformation.

"IBM and Lotus exist for one reason: Innovate, Outperform, Thrive - measured by only one metric: Your success."

OK, how to get there?

We'll be hearing from a variety of leaders of organizations that are doing business socially. They are all becoming social businesses to achieve results.

The Social Shift is talking hold, not because it is a new technology, but because it has the ability to solve the problems of complexity that keep leaders up at

night. (paraphrase).

Fundamental shifts in computing:
- The Mainframe
- Departmental computing
- The Personal Computer
The next stage: Social Business, is still in its infancy.

What makes a social business more successful?
1. A social business is an ENGAGED Business
2. A social business tends to be more TRANSPARENT
3. This engagement and transparency allows businesses to be NIMBLE
4. According to a recent McKinsey Study says that social businesses outperform their competitors

Social business is about the people...

How do we do social business

1. Think in terms of OUTCOMES
2. Use a Social Business FRAMEWORK
3. CATALYZE the community
4. Increase the DEPTH of CAPABILITY across the stack (hinting at upcoming demos on ...next)
5. Use ELEGANCE and SIMPLICITY to drive adoption and use

"IBM will build this social business business infrastructure on open standards."

Jim Balsillie Co-CEO of RIM is up next, introduced  by Alistair. He's got a new RIM Playbook in his hand.

1. Truly superior performance
2. An unmatched web experience
3. Security and managability for Lotus Apps

Watching and amazing video demo. (Would have preferred a live demo, but impressive nonetheless)

[What's exciting to me is to see the partnership between IBM and RIM which will add value to the extension of Lotus applications to the web.]

Jim: "Professional grade and consumer friendly. That's Playbook"

A quick touch of what it would be like to run Lotus Connections on a Playbook. (By video, not live)

Alistair and Jim announce a special program to encourage Lotus developers to develop for Playbook. Details to follow.

Now watching a 60 second Social Moment Video (I love these. Kudos to the media team)

Next up, Jeff Schick - VP of IBM Collaboration business with a panel to share stories of how a social business works.

[personal note, missing from everything I saw yesterday and have heard this far is anything about attention and action management; I'll be watching for that throughout the day as I'm sure I'll hear more.]

[Another personal note. While I AM excited by what I see, in many ways, this is not new - we used to call this collaboration. That said, I'm glad to see that the value is recognized and IBM is promoting it to business.]

Customer stories from BASF, KBC, CSC, and AT&T talking about social business. Good examples of how social business (collaboration) enables new business models.

CSC announces a collaboration/social solution with IBM Lotus. It will be a FIPS compliant Social networking service using Lotus technology. Cool.

Nice to hear about how companies are building and enhancing their CULTURE to make social business work. It's not about the tool. Good.

Something I appreciate about this year's OGS. People are talking, conversing and sharing stories. That's how knowledge gets transferred. That's social business! Good move.

Sandy Carter on stage. Talking about.... wait... Social Business. "There's not a single senior executive at IBM that is not 100 committed to the vision of social business."

While I'm sold on social business, the examples I'm hearing remind me of portals and collaboration. What's new?

OK, a nice example of social media aggregation in marketing. Keep them coming...

As a KMer, nice to see recognition of the VALUE of moving from knowledge is power to knowledge SHARING is power. Social Bus

Video: Exceptional Web Experience (Assume these will all be on the web before long)

Larry Bowden, VP IBM Portals and Lotus Software is next up. A panel on exceptional web experiences from the Australian Football League (AFL), Blue Cross Blue Shield, RBC on exceptional web experiences...

According to Bruce, You can follow the Lotusphere student attendees tweets via the #ls11u hashtag.

The number of people watching OGS LIVE is growing - just passed 1000 viewers. See it at http://www.Lotusphere.com

Watching the audience reveals an interesting picture. I'll compare that with the upcoming demos. This very relaxed for an OGS.

Now the excitement begins: Doug Cox on stage. Time for demos. Let's see what they have to say...

New Opportunities

New products from IBM, leading to the social business framework are all coming as .NEXT


Activity streams integrate social and work on the desktop. As a KMer, I'm thinking about the impact of Focus and Concentration)

The email inbox is not going away.  Sorry @ELSUA. At least in this demo, they are showing embedded experiences in the email inbox. Interesting. I wonder how that will play. Will we ever get to zero?

Pleased to see the embedded user experience in Notes.Next. I'll need to check out the UX lab. Nice work @MaryBethRaven & team.

Lotus Traveler seems to get better each iteration. Watching a demo for Android. Company NAB lookup. Sweet.

IBM Social Business Toolkit is now available. Provides integration into Project Vulcan activity Stream. Available to BPs and developers. http://developer.lotus.com/sbt

I think the demos are done. :-(

The Lotusphere OGS is now a trending topic on Twitter. The power of social business.

Kevin Cavanaugh is up on stage showing screen shots of the new Traveler client for Nokia. Impressive.

Laurance Gulhard-Joly announces LotusLive will support Domino Apps in the cloud. Lots of our customers want eProductivity on Lofus Live. Nice to have a solution to offer.

Flexible licensing models for Lotus Apps in the cloud. Making it possible to offer Domino in the cloud from IBM or Domino.

Demo of Activity streams. Impressive. But, wondering about impact on knowledge worker productivity. Lots to discuss w @GTDGUY after this OGS. Next Action: Do SWOT on Activity streams and what that means for indiv/team productivity.

Pleased learn about new licensing model to run Domino apps on IBM cloud -- available to Notes client and browsers. Good thing. (About time. Thanks IBM)

Real time shared editing of documents via Lotus Live. OK, now I have a reason to switch.

IBM "Ideablogs" (Think IDEAJAM from Elguji) coming to your activity stream with Connections 3. Hope I got that right.

(If you can't wait for IBM, IdeaJam (Elguiji) makes ideation with Lotus Connections and all things Lotus TODAY.  See http://elguji.com/solutions.)

LotusLive Symphony brings shared doc editing to the desktop. Now, I want to see IBM GTD Enable this with eProductivity for a really compelling web productivity suite. (OK Shameless plug - I work with eProductivity)

Meeting solutions coming for mobile clients (Kevin Cavanaugh announcing). Attend and participate from your BlackBerry. Sweet.

Impressive demo of drag and drop web design by dropping in elements from OTHER web sites. E.G. drag your Facebook contacts into a web page or activity stream. Part of the IBM customer experience suite. I have to say, I'm very impressed. When will I see it? Soon I hope.

Dough Cox (IBM) Fires Back. Calls Exchange a Legacy Platform. Takes Social Everywhere to Sharepoint and Exchange.

Congratulations to GROUP Business Software for winning IBM's Collaboration Innovation Award.

Congratulations to ISW for winning IBM's Maximizing Value with Open Source Award..

OK, so much for quick live blog. I'll post thoughts throughout the week

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