LS11 Messaging & Collaboration Strategy (Ed Brill)

(Liveblogging from Ed's session, so random observations to follow)

Marketplace Scorecard

Notes & Domino
- Steady (2nd place, I think he said)
- Fastest growing business & mobile email platform
- Vast majority running 8.5x release

LotusLive Notes
- Strong analyst & customer reception (I agree)

Lotus Symphony
- 50 Million Downloads

Where are Notes/Domino Winning
- Singapore Airlines
- 40% Increase in new clients
- U.S. Dept of Interior running IdeaJam (Go Elguiji)
- And more...

Quick review of milestones around Notes 8.5.2 (See LS Session on that)

Plugins for Notes that shipped in 2010: Tungle and Gist.  (Wendy blogged about both of these last week). And, Tungle is coming to LotusLive. (Yes!). Quick demo of Tungle buy Tungle CEO.

"Your calendar knows your personal/professional life by the appointments you keep" so Tungle will keep you informed. Sweet..

Other 2010 Accomplishments:
Cloud images for Amazon, New licensing schemes to include clustering, RIM BES (free) for Domino 8.5x.
IBM Solutions catalog updated throughout the year. Major contributions to OpenNTF - even before GA. (Thanks, Ed)

OpenNTF cofounder Nathan Freeman (GROUP) is taking about new solutions from GROUP (based on OpenNTF)  to migrate to xPages and mobile. GROUP makes it easier to take your apps to the next level  by xPages enabling them. Well done!

[I appreciate that Ed dumped the teleprompter. He knows his stuff and rocks when not constrained by a script. Much more fluid and interesting. (I understand why the prompters are used, but I appreciate when they aren't)]

LotusLive Notes is looking really good and lots of new features coming, including support for Android and RIM clients. Love the hybrid model. That's for just $5 a month,

For $10 a month you can get LotusLive Notes PLUS all of the collaboration suite. Plugins for activities, meetings, etc. (What I like about this is that it's Notes - proven, reliable, extendable with a variety of apps.)

Notes & Domino 8.5x. Expect one maintenance release this year. Not much coming. Most attention will be with Notes.Next.

Lotus is promising more visibility around the Lotus Solutions Catalog. (applause)

Ed mentioned an Ad campaign coming around productivity and Lotus Notes, probably in the next 6-8 weeks. (hint).

Eddie Hasicka, VP Synaptris announces FewClix unity from within the Notes Mailbox. (Demo) Allows Full Text Search even if Notes FT not enabled. All indexing done outside of the Notes client/mailbox. Mailbox he's showing has 1500 emails in the INBOX. Interesting.

He say that with 10-15 emails a day you can easily get buried (If you don't process them) which is why they now have email flagging and filtering so that you procrastinate in just a few clicks. Seems like their premise is that folks aren't processing their email and prefer to live in the inbox. I'll grant that's common, but certainly not best practice. Very elegant that their app works outside the mail db. I'd like to hear from any users to get their feedback.

Next up.

LotusLive Notes roadmap for 2011.
- Hosted RIM BES
- Disaster Recovery Enhancements
- Notes Web support for IM, and more  (see slides)

Now talking about partners for LotusLive Notes. First up: GSX - collaboration availability and reporting. Great for monitoring LotusLive Notes as well as hybrid environments.

Announcing new Domino Utility server on IBM (or later this year on Amazon) cloud to run production environments in the cloud. New licensing or bring your own. Also allows LotusLive Notes to count for client licenses. IBM can now do that. You can marry a Domino Utility server with the LotusLive Notes client model. Very cool. Makes it easier to migrate to the could in total or hybrid.

LotusLive Symphony - brings productivity editors to the cloud. You can see it live soon on Lotus Greenhouse; public thereafter.

[Uh oh major slide malfunction. I appreciate @Edbrill 's calm composure in the face of presentation snags. We've all been there. Well handled. We understand.]

Mobile will be big in 2011. IBM is investing significantly in a variety of platforms so that you can have your information with you regardless of platform iOS, Blackberry, Android, etc.

Notes/Domino "Next" Conceptual Objectives
- Innovation
- Convergence
- Continuity

Mentioned that they see the need for ways to increase individual productivity as this will add value to social business model.

Convergence is about facilitating a path to the cloud, whether fully hosted or hybrid, which Notes/Domino does well.

Focus on making users more productive in order to enhance overall collaboration. The inbox is no longer the center of gravity for collaboration. (What do you think? is that your experience?)

Productivity tools move to background as content moves front and center.

Expect to see next releases in 2012.

Now, Ed's telling us what won't change in the "next" release. Not much -- that's a good thing. See the slide for a long bullet list. I'm pleased.

Call to action:
1. Move to Notes/Domino 8.52
2. Consider money-saving benefits of Lotus Symphony and Protector
3. Evaluate LotusLive Notes + Engage

Well done.

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Peter Meuser ( 02/27/2011 1:49:44
GIST Plugin not available anymore

"Plugins for Notes that shipped in 2010: Tungle and Gist. "

Have you heard anything, why the GIST plugin for Lotus Notes is not available anymore (seems to happen shortly after LS11)?

{ Link }

Eric Mack ( 02/28/2011 14:05:57
re: GIST Plugin not available anymore

Peter, although I continue to see it mentioned in IBM presentations, it is my understanding that GIST has discontinued the GIST for Lotus Notes. I recommend checking with GIST for the facts. - Eric

Peter Meuser (http://Http:// 02/28/2011 21:51:04
LS11 Messaging & Collaboration Strategy (Ed Brill)

Eric, so far I did not get any response from the GIST guys...

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