Guest post by Wendy Mack LogoToday, I decided to install Tungle to make my scheduling much easier.  This free application eliminates much of the unnecessary time, emails, and mistakes that accompany scheduling events.  Synchronizing with your calendars, posts your available meeting times to the web and helps you manage your schedule without sharing private information.

The registration process of is very self-explanatory.  You can register for here.  Simply fill out your information and follow the instructions provided!

Instructions for enabling the Tungle widget with Lotus Notes.  (Found under the Calendars & Contacts tab)The only problem I encountered during setup was when I was trying to install the widget to allow Tungle to sync with my Lotus Notes calendar.  It appears that the widget feature does not work when Lotus Notes is running in Basic mode.  It is important to make sure that Notes is running in Standard Mode, before following the directions provided under the Calendars & Contacts link.  After that, I found the integration process with my Notes calendar to be extremely easy.  The only thing the widget does. however, is integrate your Notes calendar with Tungle.  As far as I can tell, you cannot use Tungle offline with Notes.  After the initial setup, your entire calendar must be managed on the Tungle site.

Screen shot of the main Tungle calendar view.  You can hover over a meeting to see its details.With Tungle, I am now able to share my availability with others so that it takes me less time to try to organize meetings and find a time when everyone else can meet.  I simply send a link to people to view my available times, and/or when I create an event I am able to select several preferred times that I can meet.  Tungle handles the rest!  My associates can respond with the time that works best for them and Tungle updates my calendars for me.  It also sends me an email notification that the meeting has been scheduled for me.

I am very pleased with what I have seen so far and I look forward to becoming more productive with this application!

Update: For a good overview of other meeting scheduling applications here's a good summary I found on Mashable,

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Chris Miller ( 01/18/2011 5:57:01
Review of the Tungle: Schedule Management App

You are correct, the Tungle integration is a plug-in, which is only Standard clients. However, you can also run it on your Blackberry to sync with their site and then your Notes calendar.

Tungle is more about providing your freetime to the web to schedule, via email based notices and then a sync with Notes when you connect. So in effect it does work in disconnected mode. Tungle does not manage your calendar per se, just integrates freetime and helps schedule across platforms

Eric Mack ( 01/18/2011 10:32:30
re: Review of the Tungle: Schedule Management App

Good points, Chris. When I read Wendy's post, I was wondering if I could use my BB Torch to manage invites while mobile. Based on Wendy's evaluation, I'm going to set this up for LS11. The part that makes me nervious - as do GIST and others - is allowing access to my personal data. Ahhh, the cost of a social (Internet) networking. See you at LS11!

Chris Miller ( 01/18/2011 10:40:54
My experience with for Lotus Notes

And the good news is that they only expose the local busytime.nsf database to see when you booked your calendar, going outbound. Now coming in they would see an invite from the web of course.

Watch the video I posted today, M,arc talks about it more.

{ Link }

Diane (): 05/29/2011 14:11:45
I need instrucions on how to use Tungle on my Blackberry Playbook.

I am new to BB Playbook and/or similar devices. i have Tungle installed but I can't figure out how to enter appointments etc in it. Any help?

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