I usually blog mostly about tools that I use daily, like Lotus Notes, eProductivity, The Brain, or MindManager, to name a few. Today, I want to tell you about two free utilities I recently discovered:

Find the long file names on your drives
Find and fix erroneous file names on your drive

These two tools do what their names say and I've already found them indispensable to help me locate file and folder names that were either too long or that contained characters that would cause my backup software to choke.

These tools have now earned a place in my productivity tool box

Both of these tools are from Proud Programmer, Rovert Ibsen Voith and can be downloaded for free from Voith's Code.

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Stephan H. Wissel (http://www.wissel.net/): 07/09/2009 6:37:51
Two useful tools for your productivity toolbox SNTT

Nice tools indeed. Do you have a tool that reliably finds duplicate files (including network drives)? Ideally it would have an UI that allow to delete them (best: files grouped by duplicates and easy rules like: if you find duplicates in the same combination of folders delete them from this one).

Eric Mack (www.ica.com): 07/09/2009 9:10:16
re: Two useful tools for your productivity toolbox SNTT

No, I do not have a duplicate file finder tool, yet. I'll keep my eyes open.

I do have a few other tools that I will share soon.

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